I am a being of Light

Sem bitje luči Sara Manjalli

I am sitting. On a chair in my living room, with my hands relaxed on my knees and turned upwards. That is how I show to myself and to Him, the Divine Power, how serious and ready I am to receive and give. I am here so we can exchange Blessings – in both directions. With eyes closed, I am focusing my view inwards, becoming deeper, while consciously slowing my breathing down. All of this gives me a feeling of being here and now, in space and time, even if both these concepts are relative. I am aware of myself, while also recognising that I would not be here without Him. The Creator of the Universe, the Creator of all things, has given me this opportunity to experience, explore and feel the completeness of Life. Gratitude is starting to fill all of my cells, grace and humility are making me feel like a small being in the middle of the Universe, yet such an important part of the wholeness of this community. The journey along my inner path of Life continues. I see myself making progress; sometimes I fall, but then I rise again and carry on. Sometimes in sunshine, other times in rain. Paths are steep, muddy, loaded with stones and other challenges. But with everything that I am and with the backpack I once slung on my shoulders, I keep walking, fighting, moving forward. In all my solitude, I know I am not alone. So many times He has shown and proven to me that, even if everybody left already ages ago, the one who is here and always will be is – Him. He, who always has my back, guides me, supports me and believes I am capable of overcoming everything that comes my way. He puts the wind in my wings, He gives me strength and faith, along with the awareness that I can conquer everything, including myself. He helps me find light in the dark and to carry on with it up hill and down dale. The sun starts shining there, the sunflowers come alive, I put a smile on my face and everything seems easy. This new lightness of steps makes believe I am kissing the path, feeling the air with my hands, caressing the blossoming nature with my eyes, listening to my heart singing. I am shouting with joy, bouncing around… In a split second, I become aware of myself and my body. I am still here, on the chair, with my body brimming with feelings of victory, success, joy, well-being, peace, love, light,
harmony, gratitude and the sense that I am one with Him. Because I truly am. He is in me and I am an extension of Him. He is Light, so I am Light, too. He is Love, so I am Love, too. He believes in me, so I also believe in myself, in Him and in our combined faith and strength. My hands meet each other of their own accord in the prayer position, in front of my heart. I feel the wholeness and my connectedness with myself, with Him and with the entire world. At the end, a silent prayer runs through me as an expression of gratitude and as a plea for Him to show and communicate to me in many ways that He is here, by my side. And I will continue doing my part – turn to Him, raise my awareness and faith as well as courageously honour the path of experiencing Life as a Light Being. Because I truly am. Because this is who you are, too. Because this is who we all are. First for ourselves, and then for the rest of the World.

Blessings, Sara