Give life to Life

Življenje življenju Sara Manjalli

Everything is at some point a beginning, while the beginning is the continuation of an end. I believe there can be no progress and growth if we fail to move forward, take up new challenges, even if this often means entering into new horizons, a new world, gaining new knowledge and wisdom as well as learning about our advanced capabilities and greatness. I know… I know from experience that it is not always easy. It would often be easier to just quit, give up and stagnate. But Life calls for experience, feelings, playing and dancing on all stages of Creation. It gives us plenty of opportunities to prepare ourselves and, in sweat and discomfort, to train, improve and perfect ourselves. All of this so that once, perhaps tomorrow already or in a few years’ time, we will be able to dance demanding choreographies with ease, do somersaults and rolls with pleasure, motivation, passion and the knowledge that it is worthwhile. Knowing that the effort and the whole learning path are worthwhile and necessary for us to conquer the stages of the World in our best and most authentic form. Perhaps you are now wondering who I am, who it is who is addressing you with these words. Let me put it this way… I am a soul named Sara and I am currently travelling through Life just like you are, just like all of us who are now sharing this space and time. So I greet you and bless you and at the same time wish that today, just like any other day, is full of magic, worthy of every breath and smile. We are all here to get to know each other better, to learn, and share with others what we have learnt. We are here to support each other – hand in hand, heart to heart and with God’s blessings – to help each other and shed light on the lives of our close family members, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, our community… or a person we have never met before. Because… there’s no me without you, there’s no us without them; because I am you and I am all of us.I have experienced this, so I know that everything starts with me, in my world, with my view, my words and my acts. As it does with you. I am inviting you to read my writings, thoughts, experiences and, most of all, to discover the magic of the gift of Life that the Creator has given us. You are invited to learn about, remember or deepen the knowledge that has forever been residing inside you, but was perhaps hidden or forgotten due to various circumstances. The writings are and will be dedicated to all of us, as encouragement that will instil inner strength to start travelling deep within – into our worlds of faith, creation, light, love, joy, prosperity, abundance and blessing. This is also an opportunity for me to give to the world what Life has taught me thus far, as well as to give you, through my words, the opportunity to get to know better and recognise the beauty and magnificence of Creation. Because it was created here for us to live and experience it. With full awareness and meaning. Because… life is a priceless gift. We live it to the full when we evaluate it and give it meaning. That is, when we give life to Life. Let every step on your path of Life be beautiful, full of faith and light, up until my next writing…